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The Ocean State has perhaps the most to lose from our dependence on fossil fuels which results in global warming, bad air quality, and the loss of our beaches and other costal gems. When asked how big Rhode Island is, Senator T.F. Green replied, "It depends if it's high tide or low tide." Our dependence on imported oil and coal is whittling away our small state and fouling our Narragansett Bay.

Rhode Island needs leaders who are ready to embrace energy independence with renewable power, energy efficient buidlings, and clean, affordable transportation choices. It's a win-win situation for our struggling economy and our treasured coastal environment.

State Endorsements 2010
Which General Assembly Candidates are working toward the Clean Energy Economy and Energy Independence?

2012 State Legislative Priorities
The top legislative priorities for the Sierra Club Rhode Island Chapter dovetail with the dual focus of its transportation reform project, Transportation Choices 2020. On the one hand, the Chapter is working to put public transit on a sustainable financial path with transportation trust fund legislation in tandem with the Coalition for Transportation Choices. On the other, the Chapter is working to provide greater transportation choices to the Rhode Island public by promoting Complete Streets legislation that will make the streets of RI's towns and cities safe for all transportation modes.

Endorsement Process
The Sierra Club endorses candidates at both the state and federal level. For both levels of endorsement, the Rhode Island Chapter follows a rigorous process.

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